Basic Skills of Basis Trading
 Interactive CD

The Basic Skills of Basis Trading is an Interactive CD-ROM that is the perfect complement to The Art of Grain Merchandising text.

With your computer -- and this CD -- you have at your fingertips an intensive training program that teaches the ins-and-outs of merchandising -- from the very basics of trading basis to advanced topics of merchandising.

This new technology provides an opportunity for a different kind of learning experience --  Its interactive format allows you to set your own pace of study -- It teaches visually so that you can see how each step of the merchandising process is completed -- And, it tests your skills with a variety of quizzes and challenges.

Explore the Possibilities
This new form of education provides a unique opportunity to build your skills and to train your employees.

It is a tremendous tool for internal education.  This interactive CD is like having a grain merchandising workshop at your fingertips!  It has all the information you need to start the learning process in your organization. 

You and your employees will use The Basic Skills of Basis Trading CD as a way to learn new skills -- sharpen your expertise in specific areas -- and to get the repetition in learning that is key to developing a sound and successful merchandising program.

Start the Learning Process
Education is key to the success of every organization.  You must provide yourself and your employees with the knowledge and skills to do the job!

Building the skills of your organization has never been easier. The tools you need to start the process are right here in one easy-to-use computer CD-Rom.  The Basic Skills of Basis Trading CD sells for $150.  Click here to order.

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