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Is grain price an irrelevant factor in the success of your company? According to the authors of The Art of Grain Merchandising, the answer is "Yes." This 582 page edition from Stipes Publishing is a how-to manual on the use of basis—the difference between the futures price and the local cash price of grain—to increase profit margins.

The book is the latest edition of a standard text, first released in 1993. Previously titled The Merchant’s Edge, the book has been used as an instructional text at a number of universities and at major grain companies in America and Canada.

The authors are certainly qualified to discuss the topic. Both have been part of the White Commercial Corporation, a consulting and education firm specializing in grain merchandising, since 1978. Read more . . .

Grain Journal
White Commercial Corp., Stuart, FL (800-327-7000), has announced the publication of its newest book, The Art of Grain Merchandising, by consultants Sherry Lorton and Don White.  White founded White Commercial in 1978, the same year Lorton joined the grain merchandising firm.

The new book, at more than 500 pages, is the “Silver Edition” of the industry-recognized grain merchandising textbook formerly known as The Merchant’s Edge. In the book, Lorton and White share the expertise of people who are actively merchandising grain and making a real difference in their businesses and communities.  Read more . . .





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