The Art of Grain Merchandising has given me the resources to guide and train our staff on the ins and outs of grain merchandising. It provides an invaluable educational tool when training. It also provides support to me as a merchandiser on a daily basis. I refer to this resource frequently to reinforce my confidence when merchandising, therefore making me a proactive grain merchandiser as opposed to a reactive merchandiser.

Jenifer Weaver, Deerfield Farms Service
Deerfield, OH

"The Art of Grain Merchandising has given me the tools that build confidence in grain merchandising. I know what my grain is worth, both now and in the future, so that I am able to be an active seller of grain all the time."

Mike Munn, Amherst Cooperative Elevator
Amherst, Colorado

"This book is an unselfish sharing of many years of successful experience in using the commodity markets to control risk... Not only would all grain elevators as well as large grain companies find this book useful for both reference and training purposes, but bankers, accountants, and others who use or consider using the commodity markets to control risk, will find much helpful information here."

Glenn Hardy, Dean Emeritus
University of Arkansas, College of Agricultural, Food and Life Science


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